The Frontier, West Town, Chicago

My friend had a going away party last night at The Frontier, located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.  Walking into the restaurant is like entering a lodge, with a homey fireplace and small group seating on one side, then a convertible outside option, that was set up for groups with wooden beams and lights where we sat.

The Frontier Ambiance

There were about twelve of us in the group and the large majority ordered the ‘Whole Animal Service‘ which I think was the Wild Boar.  The servers bring out a large piece to a full animal to the table and cut it in front of you and you eat family style with cornbread, polenta crouton and Caesar salad, and mac n’ cheese.  Overall the group said the food was delicious.  

Whole Animal Service The Frontier Chicago


Not being crazy about that kind of meat, a few of us ordered off of the regular menu.  I shared the lobster mac n’ cheese, duck tacos, and bourbon chicken.  The obvious winner of the bunch was the mac n’ cheese which was delicious.  The bourbon chicken was good but tasted more like a french onion soup and the duck tacos seemed to be missing any flavoring.  We would have done better eating the whole animal service menu with our friends. 

Lobster Mac N Cheese The Frontier Chicago

Bourbon Chicken The Frontier

If you haven’t tried the new hit, root beer beer, then you are missing out. Ten percent alcohol and called Not Your Father’s Root Beer, The Frontier is one of the few places that have started to carry this amazing discovery.


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  1. Sasha says:

    Their food overall is worth going! However the pig roast is AMAZING and worth it. Next time!

    1. Sweet D says:

      Yes! I continue to hear good things.

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