Who says fruity pebbles are for kids?

One of my favorite things to do in my late twenties is try out new brunch spots.  If you’ve got a kickin’ bloody mary, or a perfectly cooked eggs benedict, I’ll be there.  Awhile back, Thrillist posted a list of some of the best places to brunch in Chicago.  I’ve been making my way through that list and just recently I went to Flo. Although it features a New Mexican style menu, what they are known for are their Fruity Pebbles French Toast.  I’m typically a savory vs. sweet brunch eater, but when in Rome, right?

Flo Fruity Pebbles French Toast
Flo Fruity Pebbles French Toast

I can’t compare much as I don’t eat a lot of French Toast, but it was definitely a fun experience having Fruity Pebbles on my French Toast.  They also had Cocoa Pebbles French Toast which I was torn on.

Flo itself is a cute little restaurant in West Town with outdoor and bar seating.  Because of its size, you’ll definitely have to wait.  However, I think the best part of Flo is their free coffee while you wait.  Not only was it delicious, it made the wait time much more relaxing!


What are your thoughts??

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