Visit Capri. Stay the Weekend.

As I was doing research to determine if Capri should be a short or extended stop on our honeymoon, I found that many people did day trips to this amazing island. I’m so happy that we chose to stay two nights over the weekend for our honeymoon, and I could have definitely used another night or two for extended relaxation and island exploration. The island is beautiful and the perfect way to relax after visiting other cities or to just wind down for a bit. My husband and I are already planning our Capri Honeymoon Part II (probably in like 5 years, but it will happen)!

Getting to Capri

The best route we found to get to Capri was to take the train from Rome to Naples, and then hop on a 45 minute speed ferry to the island out of the port Molo Beverello. We booked through OK Ferry and ended up taking the SNAV Ferry company.   One thing my friend prepped us on was the fact that even if you book tickets in advance (which is recommended, especially during high tourist seasons), you have to go to the ticket window to pick up your actual ticket. You also have to buy luggage tickets as well (not more than about 2.5 euro).  Give yourself a little bit of time when going to ports to make sure you have time to pick up your tickets.

Capri Port

Where to stay in Capri

Most of the reviews I read said to stay in Anacapri if you’d prefer a break from the hustle and bustle and reviews were right. We stayed at the B&B Villa Cristina and when we go back to Capri, we will definitely stay at her place. The host has multiple room options (we actually booked one through AirBNB), is friendly and accommodating and has the best patio to relax, do happy hour and watch the sunset at. One of the interesting things about the patio is that it is a quiet space, which makes it even more relaxing, and kind of encourages you to just absorb the environment around you. There are a few adorable cats and dogs on the property, who are friendly, but mostly mind their own business.

If you are looking for a resort experience, I’ve had friends stay at Hotel Augustus and they had nothing but positive things to say about it, including a beautiful infinity pool.

Capri Sunset B&B Villa Cristina
Capri Sunset at B&B Villa Cristina


Getting Around Capri

If we stayed longer in Capri, we would definitely have rented scooters to bop around the island and explore. Since our visit was short, we took advantage of what I felt like was a fun ride – open top taxi cabs which zoom up and down the cliff side.  It’s a great way to see the island, but does cost you a pretty penny (about 30 Euro). There is a bus that runs pretty frequently and then there are also stairs that you can take to get down towards the port as needed.  I’ll be honest, my husband and I got lost trying to get down to the port as we were leaving by walking, so I’d recommend an alternative choice!

What to do in Capri

Capri is what you make it! You can relax, hike, go boating, or head to the beach clubs and enjoy what they have to offer. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Island Boat Tour: We did the full island boat tour by Laser Capri my husband was ecstatic. The boat takes you around the whole island and shows you the various grottos – green, white, and attempts blue (pending the amount of tourists trying to get into the grotto). You also get to see Arco Naturale. While we didn’t get a chance to go to the blue grotto since the line to get in was long, we will definitely try to do this next time as well as swim in the green grotto!
Capri Boat Tour
Capri Boat Tour Arco Naturale
  • Monte Solaro Chairlift: The chairlift is 12 Euro round trip and takes about 13 minutes each way. It is a very peaceful ride, as you are sitting by yourself enjoying the views. When you get to the top there are plenty of places to take pictures, and then a café where you can get gelato, libations, and food. I would recommend giving yourself some time at the top of the mountain, as it is a great place to relax and also converse with other tourists – chances are you are going to meet someone from the same city as you!
View from Monte Solaro
View from Monte Solaro
  • Villa San Michele: This was one place I didn’t get a chance to see, but it is a home previously owned by a Swedish doctor with beautiful views and gardens.
  • Hiking: There are plenty of places to hike around the island, even to the top of Monte Solaro!
  • Shopping: Throughout the island there are unique squares to shop and explore some local fare.
  • Beach club: While Capri doesn’t have many beaches, da Gemma Capri, right off the port, gives you beautiful views of the ocean where you can enjoy Instagram worthy cocktails, and also take a swim in the breathtaking blue water. This is also a great place to grab a bite if you are hungry mid day. One of our favorite Italian cocktails was the Sgroppino, which is a mix of prosecco, frozen lemon sorbet, vodka, and mint leaves. Yum!
Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz
Da Gemma Beach Club
Da Gemma Capri Beach Club

Where to eat in Capri

  • Ristorante pizzeria Il Boccone: Our favorite place to eat on the island was up in Anacapri, and even on a two night trip we managed to visit twice. We loved the service, the wine was crisp, and the food was phenomenal. We got meat and cheese plates, burrata, pizza, and gnocchi. Take me back!
Meat and Cheese Ristorante pizzeria Il Boccone
Ristorante pizzeria Il Boccone
  • La Zagara: This restaurant was booked up when we visited, but this was listed as a top restaurant to go not only for the chance to dine under lemon trees, but for some delicious food. They also have a wine bar if you can’t get a reservation that is really cute.
  • Da Paolino Lemontrees: We did get to go and experience the beautiful Paolino Lemontrees. The environment is like a fairy tale and also a wonderful place for Instagram photos! While the service was very good, if I went back to Capri I’d likely just go to the bar for a drink and the atmosphere and do dinner somewhere else. The food was good, but some of the other meals on my trip were more noteworthy, and this does feel very touristy (we were at dinner with about 30 other US couples, likely on their honeymoons).
Da Paolino Lemon Trees
Da Paolino Lemon Trees
  • Aurora Capri: My friend told me I had to check out Aurora Capri as it was one of the most famous pizza places on the island and frequently had celebrity sightings! I didn’t get to check this place out but if I go back and have time to kill, I’ll definitely make a visit (waits tend to be long).

For those who take advantage of this fine island, please share any experiences you enjoyed for us to add to our next trip!

What are your thoughts??

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