Bachelorette Party in Austin, Texas

I love Austin, Texas! I headed down south to host a Bachelorette party for one of my best friends this past August.  The weather was hot, but bright and sunny – perfect for our plans the short weekend.  I was there only Friday-Sunday so I have plenty more to see, but I also have plenty to share already about my amazing time.

Hotels in Austin Texas

We stayed at the Hilton Austin and I would definitely stay there if I went back again.  The staff was fantastic – they welcomed the party with open arms, made sure that we had cold water in our refrigerator each day, and did what they could to suit our needs.  In addition to the rooms being comfortable, they have a great spa which includes a rooftop pool and tiki bar overlooking the skyline that we got to relax and enjoy during the day on Friday.

Hilton Austin Skyline Views

Austin’s Rainey Street

My favorite place to go when I was in Austin was Rainey Street. This is a stringlight filled street lined with Bungalow House bars.  Every ‘house bar’ is close together so you can easily walk up and down the street trying out new places.  The bars are usually open to enjoy the weather and lead out to a backyard for continued libations.  There are also plenty of places on this strip that have live bands.  While I failed to take some photos of this awesome and innovative bar design, I wanted to make sure I shared some fun stops.

Container Bar Rainey Street

Austin Bar Scene

Other than Rainey Street, the place to be is around 6th street to experience amazing outdoor and rooftop bars, food, and live music.  I did a quick round of bar hopping here and got to check out a handful of fun places and some amazing music. If you are tired of walking around, make sure to try their Pedi Cabs to get from one street to the next.

Austin Food

Austin is another popular place for Food Trucks! We got to enjoy a fun dinner by Boca, which is located right next to Container Bar. I ordered the Chips & Queso, Ground Beef taco and Berkshire Bacon taco.

Our nice dinner out was at Emmer & Rye which is right off of Rainey Street. We had a pre fixe menu set up for us since we were such a large group and the food was incredible.  I would definitely go back there.

Lake Travis

While I didn’t get to take in as much of downtown and the foodie scene I wanted (next time), I spent almost a full day on Lake Travis while I was there. It was well worth it and absolutely fantastic.  We rented a boat with a slide (and a Captain to drive I might add) and did a Saturday Funday out on the lake.  What I didn’t expect was about 30 boats tying themselves up next to each other and the most fabulous day party of my life.  If you are going to Austin for a Bachelorette party, do not miss taking advantage of a day party out on Lake Travis.

Lake TravisLake Travis Boat Rental

If I went back to Austin

I will definitely be back in Austin, Texas, and there is way too much that I still have to see and do. I’d check out a few of their hot restaurants, including checking out their best pizza. I’d also continue to take advantage of the live music capital of the world and try to hit up Austin City Limits.

Additional Bachelorette Party Travel Ideas

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