The Duck Inn, Bridgeport, Chicago

One of the most talked about new restaurants in 2015 was The Duck Inn situated in Bridgeport. A hop, skip, and a jump from the Chicago White Sox field, The Duck Inn was one of the three Chicago restaurants named to Esquire’s Best New Restaurants List and we had the opportunity to hit the quaint, cozy spot up towards the end of December.

The relaxed, homey atmosphere and attentive staff create a dining experience where time stops and you can forget anything other than the company you are with and truly enjoy your meals.

I’m a sucker for any Lychee drink, so when I saw the Lychee Chuhai cocktail on the menu, I couldn’t have just one. Other drink orders from friends ranged from beers to whiskey on the rocks, and everyone was happy and relaxed.

For dinner, I ordered the Gyros Plate and everything was seasoned and cooked to perfection with all the fixings placed perfectly so you can enjoy your lamb chop, pitas, hummus, and tzatziki both separately and together.  The Chicken Thigh and Pasta Carbonara were other popular orders at our table and everyone enjoyed their meal.




My one critique is that I noticed with both my meal and the others was that the portions are pretty small for what you order and pay and you don’t leave full.  I’d suggest ordering an appetizer or extra side and dessert to even out the meals.



What are your thoughts??

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