San Francisco, California

Right after I hit up Santa Monica a few weeks back I flew to San Francisco to visit one of my other best friends.  She had recently moved to San Mateo, only about 20 miles south of San Francisco.  San Francisco just so happened to be one of the stops needed on my 30 before 30 list, so I fit it in just in the nick of time (less than one week)!  Because I’m playing catch up, I’m going to touch on some of my favorite parts of my 3-day weekend in the city!


I got in on a Wednesday, and right when my friend scooped me up from the airport she took me to one of her favorite restaurants by her in Redwood City, Milagros, a ‘latin kitchen.’  We ordered the queso fundido, which is filled with roasted peppers, corn, and of course cheese in a skillet.  It was delicious, filling, and left me thinking about it the rest of the weekend!

Redwood City Milagros

The next day my friend had to work, so I took on the city of San Francisco solo.  I set out with a mission.  I got off of the train in from San Mateo and decided to walk the city all the way (3+ miles)  toward what is said to be one of the top 10 pizza places in America according to The Daily Meal, Tony’s Pizza Napoletena.  I went a bit rogue when I got there because not only do they offer napoletena pizza, but they have classic American in all crusts, New York, California, Sicilian…I’m exhausting myself just thinking about the menu.  I’ve been really into thin crust lately since I think I’ve had a bit too much deep dish after moving to Chicago, so I went with the classic American thin crust with pepperoni.  It was incredible.  On top of that, they delivery bread with this honey garlic dip to start and the mix of ingredients just nailed it on my tastebuds. Delish!

Tonys Pizza Napoletena Bread

Tonys Pizza Napoletena Thin Crust

Once I was nice and full I moved on to the more touristy things.  I headed to Pier 39 to see the seals, then walked up the coast to see Alcatraz (which seems very swimmable to me….I’m not really sure how you couldn’t survive it),  Ghirardelli square and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.  

Seals at Pier 39 Alcatraz Ghiradelli Square

A couple that sat next to me at Tony’s Pizza recommended I go to Buena Vista Cafe, a tourist trap, but a must visit trap nonetheless.  Right in the heart of Ghiradelli Square, they serve very strong, tastey Irish Coffees.  By the time I had a little more pep in my step, my friend was off of work and picked me up to go to watch the San Francisco Giants game in the city.  We went up some very VERY scary hills on our car ride.

The Buena Vista Cafe

IMG_4078On Friday, my friend and I headed into the city for lunch and went to Marengo on Union, known for their whiskey and sliders.  Once again everything was delicious, from the queso, sliders, to amazing Friday cocktails – Peach Juleps!

Peach Juleps

With only a few short hours left in the city, I had the choice to decide between either a trolley ride or the Painted Ladies, the houses that show up on the credits of Full House.  Of course I chose reminiscing on my childhood dream! I can do a trolley ride any day. After some more city exploring and bar hopping, we went to Town Hall for dinner, a well-reviewed southern eats restaurant.  Of all the places, I liked this place least.  Nothing really stood out to me there.


Overall, the city seemed very large to me and kind of overwhelming.  Although the hills were exhausting, they were beautiful against the exquisite town homes – my favorite part.  Not a place for me to live, but definitely a place I’d go back and visit!  On to Napa Valley….

IMG_4104 IMG_4084

What are your thoughts??

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