Wine Tastings, Malibu, California

Wino.  That’s me.  I grew up in Northern Virginia, fifth largest in the US in terms of wineries and didn’t realize my appreciation for wineries, their picturesque vineyards and tasting rooms up until the past few years.  I love just going to a beautiful winery during the day and enjoying it over a tasting and bottle of wine with close friends and family.  Once my Santa Monica friend knew about my passion for wine tastings on my last visit, we headed up to Malibu Wines.  I don’t even know how to describe it, a happy place where people go to have bridal showers, group picnics, or just enjoy a glass or two of wine and music, this place deep in the hills of Malibu is a hot spot.  The difficulty is getting to the winery from Santa Monica and the amount of people who flock to this great venue. 

Malibu Wines

Malibu Wine

Another friend mentioned a place a bit closer to Santa Monica, called Rosenthal Wine Bar & PatioLooking right over the ocean, Rosenthal is a lower-key atmosphere where you can do tastings and share wines and listen to music out back in a large patio. To prove their relaxed atmosphere they have a variety of food trucks out back for you to enjoy in addition to your wine and music. 

Rosenthal Wine Bar and Tasting Room

Rosenthal Patio

Rosenthal Patio and Wine

Both places offer great wine, great company and great experiences!

What are your thoughts??

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