Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Beach, California

At least once a year I try to go out to California and visit my friend who lives in Santa Monica.  I got even luckier this year with another friend who moved out to San Francisco.  Since I hadn’t taken a real vacation yet in 2014, I decided to take a trip out to California for a week and spend time in both cities with my friends.  I first landed in Los Angeles this past Saturday and even though I’ve been to LA multiple times, this trip has already been such a blast.  I’ve been able to check out some new places and faces without forgetting some of my day-to-day favorites.

The first thing we did when I got in on Saturday morning was head over to Abbot Kinney Boulevard  in Venice Beach.  After multiple years visiting, this was my first time checking out this really neat shopping and eating strip.  

Abbott Kinney Blvd

First stop was FEED, a really tasty restaurant my friend’s boyfriend bartends at.  We ordered bloody mary’s to start off our day of exploring.  I ordered the Spicey Dry Aged Burger with shoestring fries – delicious! My friend ordered the Feed Benedict which was served over kale with a side of sundried tomatoes.  

Bloody Mary FEED

FEED Benedict


After a solid meal with great service, we decided to head over to Zinque, a coffee and wine bar with relaxing, low-key patio to enjoy a glass of wine outside.  

Zinque Wine Bar

As we continued walking, we stumbled upon a really cute wine shop, Elvino, which offers a wine tasting with three types of wine for $10.  The employees there are very friendly, the wine delicious, and the prices for most wines are very affordable.  

I couldn’t help but notice another great place called Chocolatier Blue, which makes chocolates, ice cream, root beer floats, and chocolate marshmallows right on the premises.  I ordered a taste of their mint chocolate chip ice cream, which literally tasted like they had real mint leaves in it – very refreshing!  My friend really loved their chocolate marshmallows, which you can specialty order in bulk. 

Although that’s where our Saturday ended on Abbot Kinney, we went back Sunday evening to check out The Other Room, a beer and wine bar and then try a slice of Abbot’s Pizza, home of the bagel crust!  Being a pizza snob, I thought the pizza was decent but wasn’t at all impressed with the bagel crust. 

We are hoping to hit up the ultra trendy foodie spot Gjelina tonight, which I’ve read is highly ranked, #21 in the US, for its pizza! I’ll save a solo blog post for that one.



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