A football win in Columbus, Ohio

I graduated from Virginia Tech, so when one of my fellow Hokies asked me if I wanted to make the trip down to Columbus, Ohio for the Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State football game I was all for it.  It was a great excuse to watch my Hokies play in the third largest college football stadium in the US, against a big team, in a city I’ve never visited.

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to head to the game, so once we got to Columbus (almost a six hour drive from Chicago), we went to tailgate for a few hours before the game.  The Ohio State campus was huge, beautiful, and  innovative.  The stadium from the outside was really unique as it looked like they as they expanded the stadium they built on some great parts of the architecture that had been around a long time.  Then, we lucked out with some amazing seats right behind the field goal.  It was great to be able to watch the game right on the field, around a bunch of fellow Hokies, with the largest crowd to ever attend a game.  I was  impressed with the Virginia Tech showing and how loud we could cheer and compete with the home team. The Hokies upset the Buckeyes 35 to 21 and we of course went off to celebrate with some not so happy Ohio State fans.

Ohio State Outside The Ohio StadiumOhio State Stadium Field

Virginia Tech beats Ohio State

The next morning we wanted to explore downtown Columbus, and were particularly interested in the Short North District.  An adorable street that has arcs of lights that cross the street for a mile or more and a range of little boutiques and restaurants, we enjoyed the large street signs, how clean and quiet it was, along with the small town feel.  Although I didn’t get to take on my foodie experience downtown, I did want to share that I finally got a chance to check out Tim Horton’s for the first time.  I had the iced cappuccino and some TimBits and I’ll give the experience a thumbs up.

First Tim Horton's Experience


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