The Southern – Bucktown, Chicago

Right before the long holiday weekend, I met up with a few friends over at The Southern in Wicker Park.  The Southern has the most relaxing outdoor seating, under trees, umbrellas, and strings of outdoor lights, reminding you of your favorite friend’s patio. 

The Southern’s food is described in its name, Southern comfort soul-feeding food.  My friends and I started out with fried green tomatoes and hush puppies.  I highly suggest the fried green tomatoes as they tasted incredible with their toppings, a variety of flavors – aioli sauce, watermelon, and feta cheese.

The Southern Fried Green Tomatoes

The Southern Hush Puppies

I ordered the shrimp and grits which also had a fresh take on flavors. The grits had pieces of shoulder bacon in it and mixed with its creaminess was nothing but comfort goodness.  My friends ordered the alligator gumbo and pimento burgers, which I received positive feedback on.  I’m a huge pimento cheese person, so I definitely plan on ordering that the next time I show up.

The Southern Shrimp and Grits

Although I didn’t get the chance to experience many cocktails at The Southern this time around, they are known for their Whiskey and I have had the opportunity in the past to enjoy their mint juleps out on their porch.  

What are your thoughts??

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