Lincoln Park Zoo

When my friend was visiting last weekend we decided to take a quick walk around the Lincoln Park Zoo on the way home from brunch.  There are fabulous views of the city at the zoo, and I finally stumbled upon the bridge towards the south end that looks right into the city. I think I’m going to have to make a point to go to the zoo in each of the seasons to catch this view at different times of the year.  The great part about the Lincoln Park Zoo is that it is free and in the winter, even when it is terrible out, has an event called Zoolights, a great outing for the holidays.

View from Lincoln Park Zoo


It happened to be in the high 80s last Sunday and we caught some of the residents of the zoo lounging to be pretty hilarious, especially the Malayan Sun Bear who seemed to be a professional sunbather.

Malayan Sun Bear Lincoln Park ZooGiraffe Lincoln Park Zoo Rhino Lincoln Park Zoo


Lincoln Park Zoo Chillin

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