RPM Italian Chicago

I had the pleasure of taking my second trip to RPM Italian this weekend.  I really love the modern, upscale feel of this restaurant, its service and ambiance, but I hadn’t been blown away by the food on my first visit.  I’m so glad I gave it another chance.  I had gone with one other friend before and we only had the opportunity to split a few items.  I would say to really experience this restaurant, go with a group.  There were four of us this time around, so we got to explore more of the menu than my previous trip, sharing a variety of small plates and entrees.  Everything was incredible.  The ongoing buzz about this place isn’t just for its celebrity appeal!


The joy of going with a group of friends? Opportunity to try out more cocktails! I am a Moscow Mule lover, so I got the Monterosso Mule, a vodka, ginger beer drink infused with blueberry.  We also tried the Capri Highball, made of vodka and pineapple,  and Piccolo Roso, prosecco with strawberry. All were refreshing and not too sweet.

RPM Italian Cocktails

Small Plates

We split the Shredded Brussel Sprouts with avocado, Zucchini Fritters, and Arancini Balls.  They were all incredible, and we agreed the Arancini Balls were our favorite and cooked to perfection.  All these plates came at great portion sizes and prices for a table to share. During my first visit I got the Chicchetti, very small plates, and a pizzette, and I would suggest sticking to the Antipasti.


RPM Italian Zucchini Fritters

RPM Italian Arancini Balls


For an entree we got the Sweet Corn Agnolotti which was made with summer truffle.  Melt in your mouth heaven! We also ordered the scallops which were delicious as well, but the sweet corn puree they come with really wasn’t much of anything and could have had more substance to make the order worth it.


RPM Italian Sweet Corn Agnolotti

RPM Italian Scallops


You cannot eat at RPM without getting some type of gelato dessert.  We got the Tartufo, which is hazelnut gelato in a chocolate shell.  Think a very large ice cream version of a Ferrero Rocher. Although it may look small in photos, you can definitely split one among 3-4 people.

RPM Italian Tartufo

A Place For Excitement

Not only was my second time visiting RPM a success for food, but Giuliana and Bill Rancic came to the restaurant when we were there! Celeb siting excitement!  I would also say this is a high energy environment, and there are a lot of large groups on the weekends, including bachelorette parties.  You have no trouble hearing others at your table regardless of how many parties are at the restaurant, but if you are looking for something a bit tamer I’d suggest going earlier in the week.  Enjoy your visit!RPM Italian Giuliana Rancic



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