Chicago Riverwalk

Sometimes I forget how amazing every twist and turn can be in Chicago.  If you want crowds and energy, you get it.  If you want the beach, you get the beach.  A picnic in the park? We have it.

I live in Streeterville, just a few short blocks from the river.  On a low key night, my friend and I decided to take a stroll on the Chicago Riverwalk, starting at McClurg.  The river is so breathtaking at night and surprisingly, the river restaurants, as well-trafficked as they are, happen to be quiet and peaceful. It’s like all the patrons have a common goal – to slow down from the 100 mile pace of the work week and just absorb what is going on around them. A place for relaxation, a scenic dinner, romance, or just to get away from the city buzz, there are some great stops along the walk to get what you are looking for.

Chicago Centennial Fountain


Chicago Riverwalk at Night

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