The Color Run: Too Much Fun

I just ran in the best race of my life.  The Color Run is the first race that has proved to be as fun as its advertisements told me it was going to be.  Walking up to the race location there was a mob of people dressed in white and accessorized with tutu’s, pink wigs, funky plastic sunglasses and neon everywhere! If you are not a runner, don’t be intimidated.  This race is not timed, and you can run, walk, jog, skip or shimmy through the 5K. At four points during the run, you get ‘bombed’ with a color.  Think that’s it? Oh no, when you hit the finish line, the post-race party consists of getting completely saturated in color and rocking out to an amazing DJ for a good solid hour. Even though my hair may be shades of green and purple for the rest of the week, it’s worth finding a way to make this happen every year.

Team Color Me Amazing
Post-Race Dance Party

What are your thoughts??

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