Requests: Summer Concert Attire

So, I’m officially on sabbatical from purchasing any more summer fashion statements.  My budget is dead from all these amazing wedding celebrations and summer traditions!  While I’m saving up for some of the hot Fall fashions, I’ve had a few friends suggest some posts to write.  Let me know if there is anything you’d like to hear about from me! And, stay tuned for a list of some of the Fall trends I’m saving for.

#1: What do I wear to a summer concert?


I’d say these are the most popular of summer concerts and a white T or tank and cut-off jean shorts work great.  A fun summer sundress also works.  If you have a cowboy hat, rock it. I won’t judge.

Summer Music Festivals

Since these typically last from 1-3 days, go for cute and comfortable.  Sunglasses, sunscreen and sun hats (you can even whip out your Fedora from last summer) are a must. Wear long maxi dresses, sundresses, or bright colored capris and a tank top. Avoid any colors or materials that show a lot of sweat.


My most frequented of concerts, because what is more fun than singing back bubblegum love songs to your favorite popstar? Bright colors are a blast to wear to these, or some type of representation of the performer (i.e. Candy = Katy Perry, Glitter/Trash = Ke$ha). I must say you are NEVER too old to wear the branded ‘merch’ from your favorite popstar.  One of my favorite merch purchases was from the Katy Perry concert last summer.  A yellow fitted t-shirt with two melted popscicles on the front and a back that reads ‘so hot I’ll melt your popscicle.’

Katy Perry!

Punk Rock/Rock/Alt. Rock

Punk Pop’s not dead! Comfort is key for these since you’ll be jumping up and down and fist pumping all night.  I’d go for a tank and shorts, but try to make sure there is some type of grunge design on the top. Temporary bright hair color, extensions, or poofing your hair is also acceptable!

One of the most popular hand poses for these concerts.


The first and only concert I’ve been to for this genre was David Guetta and I was not prepared! Apparently these ragers go on all night, so you have to not only be fashionably prepared, but mentally as well.  For David Guetta, there were about 5 DJ openers and he didn’t go on until 2:30 am! Tons of neon is key, crazy plastic colored sunglasses, colored hair extensions, and my favorite – glow in the dark necklaces!

You never know what to expect at these concerts!

In General

Just have fun.  As long as the music’s great and you’re dancing your heart out, you’ll look hot.  I had to share this photo of my galpal Cal because it brings out the essence of summer concerts.

Calpal having a blast at a summer music festival

One other thing to note,  I’ve realized in the past few years that less is more. Personally, I’d rather spend bigger bucks to be close to some of my favorite artists then go to 20 concerts.  How many of you can say you were this close to Gwen Stefani?

I’m feeling yummy head to toe!

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  1. Love the “so hot I will melt your popsicle shirt” 🙂

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