Midsummer Night’s Statements

Three of my favorite trends this summer….

Bubble Necklaces!

I got this necklace from a cute NC boutique that is wildly popular among my friends, Vestique.  Shops are selling out of these J. Crew inspired necklaces like hotcakes.  Grab one if you can find it – they are great for color blocking.

Special shout out to Mrs. JZG for fueling my obsession!

Lace Shorts & Skirts

Vintage lace bottoms are super feminine and perfect for summer comfort. Make sure you invest in the type right for you this summer – I opted for shorts, since DC is so casual. The ones below are from Ava Adorn, an international fashion inspired boutique, and can be dressed down for a day at the beach or up for a night out with friends!

Lace Shorts – So Hot, So Vintage

Stacking Delicates

Large statement necklaces are probably here to stay for awhile, but I’m excited that fine necklaces are back, and with a vengeance! Stacking two or three delicates s at a time brings attention to your neck, but still says “I’m classy.”  These, of course, were purchased from none other than my go-to jewelry shop BaubleBar. Check out my friend Court’s thoughts on this trend at suttonrowe.

Stacking Delicates

What are your thoughts??

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