Do You Get Hot Enough When You Workout?

Do you ever walk outside in your old T’s and unattractive gym shorts and have no motivation to workout?

Recent studies say that if you look good when you workout – you work harder and feel better.  So do something about it. Can’t afford the Lu Lu or Lucy brands?

Both Old Navy and Target have amazing workout gear as well.  Word on the street is Old Navy’s workout clothing designer is actually originally from Lu Lu Lemon.  The stuff fits great.  And, what I love best so far from what I have, is there is always a pocket to put your keys in for running outside!

Target sells Champion brands and they are super cheap – usually not more than $12-15 for a top.  Everything is neon right now! I love running in my neon coral top, fitted cycling pants, and….my crazy neon newly customized Reebok ZigNanos! I’m going to be flying around this town all Spring & Summer.

Don’t forget to check out MyFitnessPalIt’s done nothing but great things for me!

What are you waiting for? Work just a little be harder at what you are wearing when you work out, and maybe you’ll just run that extra mile you’ve been avoiding.

Champion T's from Target

What are your thoughts??

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