Chicago Is a Place On Earth

Just went up to one of my favorite cities in the US, Chicago.  It’s got everything you could ask for – its a walkable city with a lake, big advertising, small young towns (with hot tall mid-western men) and nothing but nice people.

Some of my favorites of the weekend….

Running Along the Lake

Old Town: One of my friends took me into Old Town for the first time and I discovered two amazing bars:

Benchmark – make sure you try the buffalo chicken egg rolls! Every single man that walked in and out of that bar was my type – ask if you dare.
Old Town Pour House– this brand new bar has an incredible layout, and an old time feel in a wide-open space.

The Bean during tourist season: I got to go hang out by the bean on a Monday during Spring Break.  It was nice to just sit and relax, eat lunch and watch the people visit.

Drinks at the Signature Room: What a great happy hour spot watching the sun go down – romantic date spot and great drinks! This is the Gold Coast Martini against….the coast!

Hub 51: The sweet potato sushi and tempura green beans are incredible.

Molly’s Cupcakes: This place is as good (if not better) as Georgetown Cupcake.  I’m not a cupcake girl and I’m steadfast against my hometown cupcake place, but these are incredible.  Some are stuffed! And others you can decorate.

Shopping Along Magnificent Mile – Don’t pack a suitcase.  I promise you will be covered after one day of shopping.  EEK.

All the tulips!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. alisha gwen says:

    so when are we moving to chicago? or you and i visit!

  2. dianalynn1504 says:

    Anytime now my friend. Be ready for a sporatic trip invite in the next few months!

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