Katy Perry – She So Angry

Did you see Katy perform at the Grammy’s a month back? It was the night she premiered ‘Part of Me’ and I immediately thought ‘she’s so angry!’ Did the break-up with Russell Brand really affect her musical direction? Or is this some strategical twist in her brand? Her hair a bright blue and a bit shorter, sunglasses to hide her eyes, and wearing gold and black outfit: it was not her normal look.  What happened to the pinks, purples, rainbows, and butterflies? Same with the song – So ANGRY! But, I love it!
Katy Perry is an amazing performer, she tied Michael Jackson with the most #1 singles with her last album, and she’s just fun. I have a feeling this is definitely a good change for Katy, and I’m interested to see where she goes with this new direction, and if she keeps the Katy we all know in love in her music and upcoming shows.

‘Part of Me’ has actually become one of my favorite 2012 theme songs for living life for myself.  The lyrics are so focused on internal strength and not letting anyone (or a situation that really hurt you) change who you are meant to or who you have the potential to be.  Some of the ones that I love:

“Sometimes I want to throw my phone away…find out who is really there for me”
“You took my light, you drained me down, but that was then and this is now – now look at me”
“Throw your bombs and your blows but you’re not gonna break my soul”
This is the part of me that you’ll never ever take away from me….in fact you can keep everything – except for me.”

Her new video for this song debuted this week. Another interesting direction from her candy and subtly sexy bubble gum get-ups.  Not the biggest fan of the video, but I do like what it stands for,  the ability of a woman to make her own decisions, and Katy’s test to her fans of her new direction. Go Katy.

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