Hunger Games – Fashion to Your Death?

With the premiere of Hunger Games at midnight (did everyone get their tickets?), I thought I’d take notice to some of the amazing Hunger Games fashion divas.

Jennifer Lawrence killed it in the LA Premiere gold dress.  Not only did it look great on her – it totally supported the look that Cinna tried to give Katniss during their preshows before the games. The London Premiere dress, was not as much of a hit.  And the Paris Premiere – blech. Who wears all black anymore?

Elizabeth Banks out-shined in yellow at the London Premiere, fit as an Effie in orange at the LA Premiere, and mean in burgundy at the Paris Premiere.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’m also loving the Capitol Couture Fashion Blog tracking the stunning outfits of the Capitol.

And who said Hunger Games was all about fighting to your death? More like fashion at your best.

You may ‘find love’ in this Hunger Games video take on one of my favorite songs this year – Rihanna’s “We Found Love”

What are your thoughts??

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