30 Before 30

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2.5 years and counting! No, not really. Not only did I start living my life when I hit 27, but apparently this age took away my ticking clock and now I’m not really sure if I have a specific timeline for events in my life. I had some friends recommend I make a 30 before 30 list to see how much I can accomplish.  Granted, some of these are serious goals for myself, while others were…uh…highly recommended.

  1. Move to a new city: Definitely. Chicago? LA? San Fran? This is number 1 because its my number one priority.
  2. Focus on accelerating in my career: Goes with number 1, moving to a city where I can market something awesome, and getting promoted in that new city.
  3. Get a pet maltipoo: Hopefully this happens before 30, but it’s dependent on 1&2
  4. Travel Overseas: Must hit Istanbul, London, Switzerland or France (I’ll hit the others after I’m 30, too many people getting married this year!)
  5. Travel Within the US: Must see San Diego and San Francisco
  6. Maintain/Lose Weight: 27 rocked this goal and I’m feeling great.  I recommend the mobile app myfitnesspal – 10 pounds in 2 months and counting!
  7. See Wicked on Broadway: Why are those tickets so expensive?!
  8. Watch a CAPS game right on the ice (perhaps behind the CAPS bench?): Anyone in the DC area want to help with this one?
  9. Meet Brooks Laich (maybe I can pair this with 8 above)
  10. Buy a couch
  11. Get a good chunk of savings in for a home – HA!
  12. Get engaged – this was a recommended one – laughs.
  13. Blog at least twice a week
  14. Learn how to use Photoshop/Indesign (better) so I can make my posts more fun!
  15. Run a half marathon
  16. Speak in front of a large audience
  17. Make Greek lamb kabobs with homemade Tzatziki and Spanikopita (love me some Greek food)
  18. Make a cheesecake: Not sure why I am so scared of this
  19. Try a new recipe at least twice a month
  20. Figure out how to make my lunch salads more exciting (I think I might have figured this one out – buy Chopt Spa dressing)
  21. Get republished: I’ll keep this open to interpretation
  22. Date someone with a fab accent: Ideally an ice hockey player from Canada
  23. Go to a music festival and dance til it hurts
  24. Go to either South By South West OR Sundance
  25. Go to another Britney Spears concert
  26. Attend a Fashion Week Show (NYC, Chicago, DC, LA)
  27. Get hot pink hair extensions, or washable hair dye for a few weeks
  28.  Get a real tattoo on my foot OR  a rib cage henna to see how much I love it (I’m a scaredy cat)
  29.  Live Alone
  30. Stay Happy: For some reason, life goals sometimes get us down.  So I’ll do my best to reach some of these goals, but they must be in conjunction with my pursuit to happiness.

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