The Battle: Houndstooth vs. Chevron

Ah…the trend that has hit hard this Spring season: Chevron. Ouch.  Houndstooth, is your time coming to an end? And so goes the battle, what is better, Houndstooth or Chevron?

Houndstooth or Chevron?

Hands down, fashion-wise, Houndstooth has held strong as the winner in Fall/Winter Fashion. It became my staple Winter piece once I saw Kim Kardashian rock Houndstooth tights with a cream dress back in the late Fall.


Did I get those houndstooth statement tights? I sure did! A scarf and coat shortly followed. I think my friends and family got tired of my obsession quite quickly, as they would never hear the end of ‘what else can I wear this with?’ or ‘I’m wearing my Houndstooth tights tonight!’

Many people did pick up on this Winter trend over the past few months, however, the new Spring staple, Chevron, is knocking its popularity out of the park with more than just clothing and accessories, but  a variety of options for throw pillows, curtains, bedding, etc. Seeing this all over Pinterest made me feel like my passion for Houndstooth would not win in the battle against Chevron.

I think I have my conclusion with the fact that Houndstooth looks fabulous on, but can be a little much for decorating. That’s where I’ll let Chevron have its win. You might also just see me rocking some Chevron this spring….maybe….but my loyalty stays with Houndstooth.

What are your thoughts??

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