They Call Me Mellow Yellow

NEON. It all started with Dewey Beach.  For some reason that beach makes what once was cool legendary again. My friend B started wearing it before the mainstream fad took storm in her previous trips to the Dewey Devil.  I knew I needed a few cheap neon tanks and a hot coral suit to fit in for Dewey 2K11 Memorial Day weekend and let me tell you – it was well worth it.  Everywhere you turned there was neon green, highlighter yellow, hot pinks and corals on boys baseball caps, mens’ basketball jerseys, swim shorts, girls dresses, bikinis, you name it.  What else? We brought back neon silly bands and glow in the dark bracelets! It was the LMFAO “Sexy and I Know It'” video before it was even filmed. While on the topic, “Party Rock” was the hit at the time – how fitting for thousands of people in their mid-20s swagging the Dewey streets in neon.

Best night accent for Memorial Day and Fourth of July

Not only did I rock that neon Memorial Day weekend, I rocked it all summer. It went so well with a tan. One of the biggest fears at Summer’s end was – will this be out of style come next spring? Was this just a three month fashion trend?

You have no idea how excited I was when I opened up my People StyleWatch in January to find that one of the hot trends for spring was NEON! Woo! I already had my starting stash but I knew I had to get on it so I could wear my colors nonstop immediately.  Haven’t started stocking up on your neon for this Spring yet? You’re in luck.  It’s everywhere. From J.Crew (shirts and pants pictured below), to Express, to Forever 21 (highlighter yellow sweater pictured), to nail polish, fashion’s on it.

Taking Spring and Summer by Party Rock

Even better news? You can start wearing it now.

What are your thoughts??

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