Glitter Glitter Everywhere

My favorite winter fashion has had to be the glitter bling – shoes, tops, nails, scarves! I really started getting into it when I went up to Chicago back in December.  Chicago brings in a bit of the dressy skirt with tights, flashy heels style paired with this grunge look that I can’t get enough of. I always thought DC was a little too uptight for glitter, but luckily its been ready and welcoming to this trend.  A little tough to wear, but super cute on, I saw this sequin scarf at Urban Outfitters in Chicago and had to have it.  More of the ‘had to have glitter’ went from there.

I had also been watching these shoes since New Year’s and they finally went on sale.  Couldn’t resist! I’ll probably pair them with black stretchy jeans…and wait for it…my favorite Spring fashion trend – a neon top.

Dream Shoes
INC Ruthie Sandals

You probably see all the different ways on pinterest to do your nails, but my friend introduced me to this look.  I’m one of the most impatient self manicurists out there (note the uneven glitter) and I still love it.  Put on two coats of the solid paint of your choice on the bottom, then two half coats of a glitter color (I suggest OPI Muppet Babies Rainbow Connection or OPI Nicki Minaj Save Me) let it dry then add the top coat!

Wearing Essie Candy Apple and OPI Rainbow Connection.

What are your thoughts??

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